We are a dynamic export, import, and international trade company, with headquarters located in Burdur, Turkey, and offices located in Izmir, Turkey. We supply international customers with Turkish marble and stones, as well as top quality charcoal and timber from other international producers. The business started in 2010, with our exclusive and extensive knowledge of marble and other materials. We currently export to China and India, as per our client’s needs and specific demands. We are proud to have experience supplying the needs of a modern, ever-changing and demanding market. The business and the business connections we have, nurtures our expanding due to an increased number of producers and a growing global customer base.

In 2013, we started to supply charcoal from a wide range of production plants located in Cuba, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Nigeria, South Africa and Namibia to countries through Europe and the Middle East.

In 2016 we added timber and wood products to our product range to meet with changing customer demands in the global market.

We plan to continue increasing our product range according to our clients’ needs and are open to all new inquiries and specialize requests.


2010 – Marble Business

The company was set up in 2010 when we started to export Turkish marble to China and India. As a result of our hard work, expertise, and excellent customer service, our annual export volume has reached 40,000 tons and will continue to grow.

Our product range includes Burdur Beige, Adıyaman Light Emperador, Light Beige, Cappuccino, Bursa Emperador, Kemalpaşa White, Spider, Rosalina, Muğla Leylak, Dark Beige, Blanco Family and Silver Noche Rainbow Walnut. Travertine limestone is supplied from the quarries that are located in various regions of Turkey such as Burdur, Antalya, Afyon, Bursa, Kastamonu, Adıyaman, Muğla, Sivas, and Marmara Island.

The Turkish stone and marble blocks that we have supplied and exported to our clients with varying quality to meet customer needs has been used for significant construction projects in China to date.

In addition to marble blocks, we have also begun to supply and export marble and travertine slabs, tiles and cut sizes as per requested dimensions since 2016 to various Middle East countries and the U.S.A.


2013 – Charcoal

Our product range has been expanded with charcoal, which is used especially for barbecues, restaurants and shisha establishments.

By the year 2013, we began to supply and export top quality charcoal to various European and Middle East Countries such as Portugal, Greece, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan (excluding Turkey).

Product Range for Charcoal; we supply hardwood and softwood charcoal for restaurants, barbecues and at shisha grade available for bulk shipment or in 10/15/20 kg pp bags and crafts as per your request.

2016 – Timber & Wood

In 2016, we added timber and wood products into our product range. our selection consists of African timber including Iroko, Doussie and Kosso wood available to be supplied in log and sawn form as requested.
Our developing international trade connections and our continually increasing product offers have earned us a great reputation in the global market. Together with the highest customer service standards and extensive knowledge of our products and chain of production, our customers trust us to supply them with the highest quality products they need.




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