Plywood boards or “sheets” are made up of three or more thin layers of real wood that are glued together. The layers are known as “plies”, hence the name “plywood”. Generally, the thicker the plywood, the more layers it has. Plywood offers all the inherent advantages of the parent wood plus enhanced properties in its laminated structure.

Interior plywood

Interior Plywood is intended for use in interior applications where a high-quality aesthetic finish is required. It must not be used in exposed, wet conditions or damp environments as the bonds are not durable under exposure.

Plywood grade FC

Sheet format 1525x1525mm
Thickness 4-21 mm
Type of Wood Birch, Alder
Class of Emission E1

Exterior plywood

Exterior Plywood is intended for use in non-structural, exterior applications where a high-quality aesthetic finish is required. A bonded exterior plywood must be used for applications involving long-term full exposure.

Plywood grade FSF

Sheet format 1250x2500mm
Thickness 10-21 mm
Type of Wood Birch, Alder
Class of Emission E1

Film Faced Plywood

Film faced plywood is a kind of veneer plywood covered with a film, which is phenolic glue (or other glue)impregnated paper and is different from MDO or HDO Based on the color of the film (black or brown).

Plywood grade FOF

Sheet format 1250x2500mm
Thickness 18-21 mm
Type of Wood Birch, Alder (Quality I and II)
Class of Emission E1


Plywood is wood veneers bonded together to produce a flat sheet. An extremely versatile product, plywood is used for a wide range of structural, interior and exterior applications – from formwork through to internal paneling. Being a wood-based material, plywood has the ability to accommodate the occasional short-term overload; up to twice the design load. This is useful where a seismic activity or cyclonic winds can occur. This property is also effective when used as construction flooring or as concrete formwork. Plywood’s laminated structure distributes loads from impact over a larger area on the opposite face, which effectively reduces the tensile stress.

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